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Personal Training



Education.  By keeping current on the latest research, I am able to design the most effective and up-to-date exercise program to fit your needs.  Whether a beginning, intermediate or advanced exerciser, I can teach you the safest and most effective exercises for you.

Convenience.  I will work with you in your own home or even at your work and design an exercise program to fit your needs.  I am available by appointment and have flexible times available.  

Motivation.  I will continuously find ways to make your workouts interesting and fun.  Giving you variety in your routine, education and accountability will enable you to reach your health and fitness goals in a timely manner.  With a trainer by your side, your experience will be fun, focused, efficient and you will have the added benefit of knowing your program is safe and effective.  Personal exercise programming means no more “one size fits all” exercise plan. 

Accountability.  If you have ever had a hard time adhering to your workout program, you are not alone.  Many times people get busy and their workout is the first thing they cut out of a busy day or even a busy week.  A scheduled appointment with your personal trainer will make exercise a priority for you and keep you committed to your exercise program so you can stay consistent and on track with your goals. 

Affordability.  I offer a complimentary initial consultation so we can discuss your goals and exercise history in order to decide on the best schedule for you.  Various personal training packages are available to fit your budget.  Personal training is an investment that will last a lifetime.


Personal training is for everyone from the beginning exerciser to the experienced athlete.  I will work with you on many different components of fitness, including cardiovascular training to condition your heart and help you lose weight, strength training for increased strength or toned muscles and balance and flexibility to increase range of motion and improve posture.  If you are suffering a setback from an injury I can help get you on the road to recovery and work with your health care professional to design a safe and effective program.  Based upon your goals, I will tailor your program to fit your needs.  Anybody who is serious about reaching their goals knows that personal training gets results and that an investment to work with a trainer is an investment that will last a lifetime.


To begin personal training or to find out more information, please contact me by telephone at 651-592-4169 or by email.  I will begin with a complimentary initial consultation to discuss your goals and to gather health history and lifestyle information so we can then decide which personal training option will best fit your needs.


Semi-private training is for friends, family members or couples looking to share the experience and cost of personal training.  Working with a partner is a smart and affordable option to help you reach your goals by allowing you to meet with your trainer on a more frequent and consistent basis.