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Pilates exercises safely deliver optimal strength, toned abdominals, great posture, flexibility and endurance without adding bulk.  My training is a contemporary and posture based approach to the original Joseph Pilates method.  This stress-relieving method can be performed on a mat or using bands, balls or specific pilates equipment.

My training promotes spinal rehabilitation and performance enhancement. Unlike the original approach, which promotes a flat back, I promote working within the natural curves of the spine and help to rebalance the muscles around the joints. There is no impact and many modification are available to make the method safer and more effective.  This form of exercise is excellent for anyone with spinal injuries.  All exercises can be modified to fit your needs and the training is suitable for a sedentary individual starting out as well as an athlete. 

Pilates is based on five principles:  breathing, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, scapular movement, and head and cervical spine placement.    

What are the benefits of PILATES? 

  •        improved posture and body awareness
  •        increased core strength/stability and peripheral mobility
  •        injury prevention
  •        decreased back pain and other general pains
  •        enhanced functional fitness, ease of movement
  •        heightened body awareness
  •        easy on the joints
  •        can be customized for everyone from rehab patients to elite athletes
  •        compliments other methods of exercises
  •        improved balance, coordination & circulation

There are many similar benefits from both pilates and yoga.  One of the main differences I have found is the total focus on posture and abdominal and back strength and flexibility with pilates.  Even though there are exercises that use other muscles in your body, the main focus is always still on the center of your body.  I have found yoga has more overall body focus.