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JIM W.  

Jim contacted me because he was interested in purchasing exercise equipment for his home and then learning how to use it correctly.  Once he purchased the equipment I started meeting with him twice a week and leaving him instructions for exercises to do on the other days.  Jim has always been highly motivated and consistent with his workouts and has lost 21 pounds of fat while adding 5.5 pounds of lean mass.  He is incredibly active and it is great to hear about all of the physical tasks he does without pain or injury. 

Why did you start exercising?  After starting retirement I began gaining weight and was too inactive.

How has working with Julie helped with your success?  I could not have done it without Julie.  She helped me use my in home equipment properly so I wouldn’t further injure my back or shoulder.  She also keeps the routine fun and interesting.

What is your current exercise routine?  I currently meet with Julie every other week so she can update my strength routine and then I do a mixture of cardio and strength training for 40-60 minutes 5-7 days a week.

What are your long-term health and fitness goals?  Now that I’m fit, I don’t want to go back ever. 

What keeps you motivated?  Feeling energized, increased muscle strength, clothing fits better, improved overall appearance and my back pain is gone. 

Other Improvements or comments?  I lowered my cholesterol, sleep better and am more active.

Jim W.



Margaret  had recently retired and wanted to lean how to use her new in home exercise equipment.   From sitting at a desk for a number of years she had some aches in her hip, back and feet and she wanted to lose weight and feel better.  We initially met twice a week to kick start her routine and she exercised on her own the other days.  During the summer months she now spends hours gardening without those dull aches that used to bother her and so far she has lost 12 pounds of fat and has added 5 pounds of calorie burning lean mass.  Margaret also looks great and has an amazing youthful energy about her.

Why did you start exercising?  My husband bought a lot of exercise equipment for us to use.  I insisted that we have someone work with us to show us how not to hurt ourselves.  We were both concerned to lose weight and become generally more fit. 

How has working with Julie helped with your success?  Julie has been a big part of my success!  She keeps the program interesting.  She’s very positive in attitude and at the same time keeps challenging me and pushing just a little bit more.  Great!

What is your current exercise routine?  I currently meet with Julie every other week and do 45-60 minutes of exercise on my own 3-5 times a week.

What are your long-term health and fitness goals?  I would like to lose 8-10 more pounds and continue to improve my cardio fitness and my cholesterol level.  I also would like to focus on osteoporosis prevention. 

What keeps you motivated?  Seeing progress, however big or small.  It motivates me when my clothes fit better (or are getting too big!) and especially when I can do the exercise routines and notice I am less tired afterward and more energetic overall. 

Other Improvements or comments?  I feel good about myself.  I feel like I can take on new challenges.  I’ve never been very physically fit so it’s a new feeling for me.

Margaret W.



I met Paula after teaching a flexibility seminar.  She approached me and was wondering about personal training because she had been doing the same strength training routine for years and wasn’t getting the results she was looking for and was also having pain in her lower back.  Paula consistently works hard even through setbacks and continues to challenge herself to be as fit as she can be.  Paula is a great example of someone who makes her health and fitness a top priority!

When did you start working out?  I have been a member of fitness centers for the past 15 years, but began to regularly work out the past six years. 

Why did you start exercising?  I started exercising to feel better, keep aches and pains to a minimum and reduce the chance for osteoporosis.

Did you start working with a trainer right away?  No.

Why did you start with your trainer?  I realized I needed the structure and guidance of a professional and I liked Julie’s approach to training.

How has working with Julie helped with your success?  Having a personal trainer has kept me focused on correctly working out and reducing the chance of injuring myself.  Being able to work out on a regular schedule has been a challenge for me, but Julie has patiently guided me to the point where I am able to maintain regular workouts.  I am much more focused on what I need and what my limitations are.

What is your current exercise routine?  I meet with my personal trainer once per week and work out on my own two times per week.  I am stretching every day.  I also attend a Yoga class, taught by Julie once per week.

What are your long-term health and fitness goals?  I want to continue to make strengthening and stretching a part of my daily routines.  I am also working on more cardiovascular training.

What keeps you motivated?  The results of regular workouts and the desire to be in the best shape I am capable of motivate me on a daily basis.  I want to do everything I can to prevent or minimize osteoporosis and other diseases.

Paula B.