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Wellness Coaching 

Coaching has been used for a long time in the athletic and executive fields and is now being structured to help people with their health and fitness goals. While psychologists and therapists help clients understand how the past is influencing the present, coaches focus on the present and help the client move towards the future. Behavioral scientists have shown that one-on-one coaching is among the most effective approaches to helping people make and sustain improvements in their lives. Through assessment, inquiry, problem-solving, goal-setting and open and honest dialogue, coaches help clients become clearer on where they are, where they want to go and how to get there. Clients feel accountable to themselves and their coach. They make and honor their commitments to reaching their goals, accomplishing more than they believed possible when they began.   

My training is based on psychology drawn from behavioral psychology, motivation interviewing, positive psychology and solution-oriented therapy. As your coach, I would provide instruction and mentoring and help you set goals, identify and help you clarify areas of development and define an action plan and navigate the path until you reach your goals. We would focus on your needs, values, vision and goals to help bring out your personal best.  Having a coach can help you move to a new place in your life and make lasting changes happen.  The relationship between a coach and client offers a level of support, guidance, and encouragement to make changes, without being judgmental.  

Having a coach is especially powerful when you are ready to fully commit to making significant changes in one or more areas in your life.  Coaching sessions can be scheduled weekly, monthly or as needed and done by telephone or in person.  A coaching program can last 3 months or longer in order to help you clarify where you want to go and to allow for sustainable changes in behavior.